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We are all dreaming, don’t we? The story of rond starts with a dream coming true. In 2017, Bart De Backer had the aim to change the world of sockets and switches for good.

rond 1.0 | pioneer in sockets and switches

The world of sockets and switches was reshaped. Literally and figuratively. Together with a team of experts, Bart De Backer launched sockets, switches and data ports characterised by a minimalist, all-round design. The wireless and battery-free EnOcean pushbuttons that entered the market were also considered groundbreaking. The patented design of the flush-mounted rond 1.0 box ensures up to three times faster installation into the wall for a seamless and soothing result. Resulting in a uniform line throughout your interior.

The unique, all-round design is what makes rond. It was so from the beginning and will continue to be so.

— Bart De Backer

prado as a powerful partner

Rond was looking for a partner to take things to the next level and found the ally par excellence in prado with in-depth experience and know-how. Where prado brings peace to the ceiling with invisible home technology, rond does so to the wall. The vision of prado to work on simple and pure solutions to make the interior of your home smarter and more aesthetically pleasing is complementary. During the design process, we’re always having an eye for form, material and functionality.

rond 2.0 | same design, new possibilities

Although both (interior) architects and installers knew that the rond 1.0 socket and switches were only suitable for plastering and therefore not for installation in closet walls, splash walls … they did it anyway. That is when rond thought: we can learn something from this …

In less than a year, an entire new generation of sockets will follow in response. rond 2.0 is born. Not much later, the push buttons and data ports also come next. Under the motto ‘same design, new possibilities’ the brand brings a removable all-in-one module on the market. The rond 2.0 collection consists of sockets, data ports and push buttons, which can be applied anywhere – from natural stone kitchen worktops to solid plaster walls. The main goal is always to strive for minimalism and more tranquillity in your home. Nothing more, nothing less. Just rond.

We share the same passion for functional-aesthetic solutions. Where prado brings peace to the ceiling with its innovations, rond does on the wall.

— Thibault Renson
general manager

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