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rond 1.0 | unique design

Sockets, push buttons and dataports with a unique, round design that brings peace to your wall. That’s how you describe rond 1.0. Up to three times faster installation is thanks to the flush-mounted rond 1.0 box. Pioneer is rond with its EnOcean pushbuttons that are battery-free and wireless.

rond 2.0 | new generation of sockets, switches and data ports

The new generation of sockets: rond 2.0 is here. The removable all-in-one module brings wider application possibilities. Same design, new possibilities. For more ease of installation. For more uniformity throughout your interior.

powerful partnership with prado

rond brings peace to the wall, prado does the same on the ceiling with invisible home technology. They share the same vision: working on simple and pure solutions to make your interior smarter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Project HVE

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lou24 by Paul Vanrunxt

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