Showroom Obumex Paris

Location Obumex Paris
Design Obumex
Kitchen design Joseph Dirand
Year 2023
Project type Showroom
  • Sanctuary of minimalist design

    Renowned for their durable and distinctive creations, Obumex has now brought its kitchen and total furnishings to Paris, specifically in the artistic hub of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. This choice was no coincidence, as this district is widely recognized as a haven for art and design enthusiasts. Obumex's inaugural boutique encapsulates the brand's commitment to innovation, meticulous material selection, and impeccable craftsmanship. Step into this sanctuary of minimalist design.

Edges, shapes and textures

The new boutique goes beyond being a mere showroom; it exudes a gallery-like ambience that showcases the brand's expertise in seamless design. The interplay of edges, shapes, and textures creates a captivating visual rhythm, allowing visitors to not only see but also feel the architectural brilliance.

  • It's all in the details

    Materiality takes center stage, encouraging the eye to wander and appreciate subtle yet captivating patterns. From the graceful curves of the travertine stone on the backsplash and central worktop to the unique grains found in different wood varieties — bleached walnut for the cabinets, natural pinewood for the island base, and bleached elm for the parquet floor — every detail captivates the senses.

About Obumex

Obumex has topped their offering of sophisticated custom kitchen realisations over the past 25 years by participating in high-profile partnerships with top international designers, resulting in unique and limited-edition kitchens that exceed the limitations of imagination and technological norms.

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