Residence TL by Villabouw Sels

Interior Architect Lieve De Pooter
Type Residence
Location Schoten, BE
Year 2023

Living comfort at the centre

The collaboration between Villabouw Sels and prado goes beyond just things they create together. They share the same beliefs and ideas, which result in beautiful and elegant interiors that go above and beyond what clients expect.

  • Show what you want, hide what you need

    Interior architect Lieve De Pooter: "In the design phase, we initiated contact with prado. We held a productive meeting at our office, where all the innovations were explained, encompassing their possibilities and materialisation."

Functionality and creativity

"The materials really say a lot on their own. They're there in a gentle way, adding a nice feeling and personality to the whole house," says Lieve. "Prado is renowned for merging innovative materials with functional design, enriching every space." The marriage of prado's innovations with creative visions, such as those of partners as Villabouw Sels, forms the bedrock of their work.

complementary at its best

According to Michaël Matheussen, who runs Villabouw Sels, making a natural and comfy feeling is really important. "In our projects, we want everything to feel natural and relaxed. We use natural stuff, and when it gets dark, the lights make it even cozier," he says. “Prado's solutions perfectly align with this vision, with the evening glow of the lighting casting interiors in a new light.

a flawless process

Lieve Depooter: “Prado does much more than just offer and deliver products. Throughout the process, they were thoughtful and supported where necessary. That personal service is worth its weight in gold. Some examples are the optimisations during the lighting study, the technical study to guide the electrician, the extra support during the site meetings, but also the inspection after installation. The electrician complimented the product and its sturdiness, but also the commissioning itself, which went smoothly.”

“When everything fits together and clients are happy, it feels really good. Prado understands what architects need, and you can see that in their clever ideas. The way they create and design things means we get these clever ideas in every project.”

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