Vandamme Houtatelier

Type Showroom
Location Veurne, BE
Year 2023

Fine-looking showroom

Joinery Vandamme Houtatelier is located in Veurne, West Flanders. In addition to their workshop, they have set up a fine-designed showroom that embodies the essence of their exceptional craftsmanship.

  • Blended collaboration

    Similar to us, they share a commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, luxurious finishes, and harmonious designs. Our sockets and potential-free push buttons integrate seamlessly into their showroom full of durable materials. Where they have also considered every detail.

Natural woodwork

With the slogan 'Where wood cradles the soul', Vandamme Houtatelier actually says it all. With natural woodwork, the company works exclusively and customised for total projects and for both indoor and outdoor applications. Since 1985, the company has grown into a group of some 20 professionals.

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