lou24 by Paul Vanrunxt

Architecture & interior design Paul Vanrunxt
Location Mechelen, Belgium
Year 2022

studio, show house and gallery

Lovers of art and warm, minimalist architecture should be in Mechelen. At 24 Avenue Louise, designer Paul Vanrunxt has opened his brand-new studio at the beginning of October, 2022. The place is also furnished as a show house with gallery.

full of light and spacious

Anyone who visits the show house will immediately notice Vanrunxt's love of tranquillity, simplicity and authenticity. Originally from the 1960s, the house is a beacon of light and space, where clean lines and old, traditional materials merge beautifully in a dialogue. The top floor also houses a gallery where several artists will exhibit regularly.

luxury design

Vanrunxt is a renowned name in the world of exclusive villa construction. For more than thirty years, he was the inspirer of villa builders Vincent Bruggen and Oscar V, known for their understated luxury design.